Doctor Ice and his gentle hand!featuring Choky Ice,  Jenis King

All the instruments are laid out and everything looks in order for her examination. Dr Icy enters with a soft smile and promptly begins nurse Laura's routine medical exam! First there's the breast check followed by a thorough
pelvic exam. Dr Icy opens Laura's pussy with a huge speculum and takes a good long look. Next! Its temperature time. Laura giggles as the cool glass thermometer enters her rectum while Dr. Ice adds a comforting hand to her quim. Today's exam includes an oral checkup. Dr. Icy employs a dental brace to open up Laura's mouth and then dips his swollen cock in a few times to check wetness and muscle response. His accommodating nurse shows him there's no problem by flicks her tongue out to massage the head and give the good doctor a kind thanks for his services.