Greta: TRAINING DAY 2featuring Choky Ice,  Greta

Greta is back for another visit with the Professor. It starts off badly for her. After giving her best answers as a devoted submissive, she miss cues the professor's instructions. Now it's over a bench for her for another
lesson about thinking as a submissive. She is thoroughly exposed to the professor's whip with her smooth round buttocks thrust upward to meet the rain of cascading strokes. The professor has another painful lesson for Greta. He asks her to decide how many times the whip will kiss her sweet posteriors as punishment for her errors. The poor girl is bewildered and confused as the stroke upon stroke sting her tender behind. She raises the count higher and higher trying to please the professor's intentions. Eventually, through painful frustration, sobs and despair she finds the answer, though not what she expected.