The Girl Gets Messyfeaturing Franco Roccaforte,  Kirsten Plant

Laura Lee is certainly in the mood to be a dirty wild girl today! She shows Franco Roccaforte what she brought back from her shopping expedition--a cute little vibrator, but it’s only destined to be her sidekick for this
afternoon as she takes on the fantastical Franco flesh stick! Yessir, as these sexy blowjob pics show you in bright detail, Laura can’t wait to unzip his pants and get that big dick into her slender French-manicured hands for cock sucking. Its girth and length don’t intimidate her, but spur her to dedicated action as she takes the meat into her face and gives it some worshipful balls licking as well. As things get really steamy, Laura crams her cunny with her fingers and then stuffs her asshole with her vibe. The toy sticks out of her tush like a little lavender tail as she kneels in doggie mode before Franco’s prick, until he lays her on her back for the ultimate reward, a facial cum shot that litters her neck with messy cream as well!