Hot Wood In The Sauna

Clair , Eve Angel

Publication date: 2015, May 16


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If there is one place that really tends to get me all juiced up and thinking naughty thoughts, well, that s definitely the sauna! Enjoy this sweat filled scene as my girlfriend Olivia joins me in a hot room session where I lick and fuck her little pussy till orgasm! She s all mine, but since we didn t have a dildo with us I thought I could improvise and use one of the wooden spoons supplied for us to turn up the heat! It was the least I could do, especially after the nice rim job she gave my asshole and her magic touch when she fingers my trimmed twat. Olivia is known for her stretchy bat wing pussy. I really enjoy tugging on each individual lip. It s like a game for me to see how far I can actually stretch them before she cums. What would you do if you walked in on us? Would you supply us with more wood?