Satisfying Her Thirsts

Juliana Grandi

Publication date: 2011, April 7


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It’s hard to tell which of Juliana Grandi’s orifices are thirstier today: standing in her denim miniskirt, backless wedgies, and blue halter top, she looks lascivious indeed as she takes a bottle of beer out of the refrigerator. But no sooner does she drink some of the brew down her throat, than she’s cramming the bottle up her shaved twat and even her asshole in this horny serving of glamour porn straight from the creatively carnal kitchens of DDF Productions! Juliana squats on the bottle, kneels with it doggie style, and stuffs it into her openings as if she’s trying to quench an erotic thirst that far surpasses the dryness in her mouth! But looking at us throughout her mostly nude pics, the Russian hot babe seems to be saying, “This brew’s for YOU!”