The Carrot & The Zucchini


Publication date: 2009, February 23


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It sounds like the title of an Aesop’s Fable, doesn’t it? But the main moral you’re going to get out of our little scene here today is that Carmen from the Slovak Republic proves that with determination and willingness, you can take your daily vegetables in whatever hole you choose! “Practice makes perfect”--that’s one moral, we suppose, as this sultry brunette peels off her scarlet bustier and panties to lay down on the floor and start working her rosebud over first with a carrot, and then with a humongous zucchini. Or maybe another moral is, “Today’s dinner is tonight’s dildo,” which becomes obvious as Carmen wraps her lips around the zuke before sliding it deeply into her posh posterior. And maybe “necessity is the mother of invention” can be worked in there somewhere as a moral too, because if a girl doesn’t have a regular dildo handy, with a little inventiveness, a trip to the kitchen can provide her with one. We hope Aesop would approve!