Play Thing For Her Mouth!featuring Tomas,  Christina Jolie

Christina Jolie is in a dominant mood, and outfitted in latex to take control of Tomas’s cock today! They don’t call him “Tarzan” for nothing with his large endowment, and Mistress Christina is happy to use him as her
penile plaything. First, in a nice bit of “Clothed Female Naked Male” action, she has him tied to the metal headboard of her bed so she can suck his cock into her brightly red-lipsticked mouth. Then she stands him up with his hands bound between his back as she kneels in front of his meat and teases him with her big bare 34D boobs, which are so tantalizingly close to his cock, yet they might as well be a million miles away! She is not going to let her naughty Tarzan tit-fuck her, but just make him crazy over her cleavage while she has her way with his wang! She opens up the crotch of her latex suit and exposes her snatch, spreading her lips, even as she keeps blowing Tomas. There’s nothing he can do with his hands tightly bound! She is calling the shots with his prick. Finally, only when she can see he’s aching for climax, does she release his wrists from their bonds so that she can have him cream her tits, which she presents in all their delectable hugeness only millimeters below his squirting shaft. Her rack littered with her slave’s semen, she then looks at us with an evil gleam in her eyes! Who knows what this vixen will be up to next?