Deviant Doctor Loves Anal Play!

Lea Lexis , Indira

Publication date: 2008, March 20


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The tall dark and seductive patient comes into the clinic for a pelvic problem. Doctor Lush is immediately taken with the raven-haired beauty. After a few questions the shy and embarrassed Indira is stripped and ready for her exam. The Doctor probes, prods and opens up every hole with more than a clinical interest. Indira is flustered and apprehensive about the Doctor s open manner in handling her body. She tries in vain to keep herself less exposed. But she is mortified after the Doctor extracts an unexpected item from her pussy. Next, Doctor Lush has a good look at the girl s full rounded bottom and lovely pucker-hole. The latter of which feels the cold intrusion of a rectal thermometer and anal speculum. When the Doctor is satisfied that her darling patient is feeling much better, she turns her attentions to Indira s emotional well being. Her legs are spread with her feet in the stirrups, exposing her now wet and lubricated love button. The Doctor massages and fingers her to a satisfaction that puts a smile on the girl s face and calms her anxieties.