Champagne For Her Soles!

Peaches , Caroline Cage

Publication date: 2010, November 15


lesbian lingerie foot fetish brunette stockings high heels brown eye green eye

Start your week with a with a bang as we revisit Peaches and Caroline Cage as they explore each other s feet in a classic Best of HLF video. Peaches is so cute, and it s easy to see why Caroline fawns over her pink-polished toes in white nylons. I don t know about you, but a cute face above cute feet is a double treat, and that s what Peaches surely offers! Caroline is soon rubbing Peaches peds over her cleavage, then rubs her own black nylon size nines over Peaches pink pussy. The soundtrack is filled with girlish moans that could raise a boner in a dead man! We re treated to big closeups of Caroline s toes prodding Peaches slit, and then we get a spectacular "viewer worship" closeup that shows one of Peaches soles in the foreground as her other foot gets sucked by Caroline. You ll want to press the pause button to admire Peaches foot at your leisure!!Soon Peaches is licking the foot that Caroline just used to fuck her. The girls lay back for some foot-69. But then we get the sequence that makes this video unique: Peaches puts her stocking feet in a huge glass bowl and Caroline pours a bottle of champagne over them! The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crew get just the perfect low angles to put us underneath Peaches delectably drenched toes, as she giggles and squeals when Caroline removes her soaked stockings and lightly tickles her with them. Then Peaches returns the favor of ecstasy and fucks Caroline s pussy with one of her pink-polished big toes. It s almost too much to take in with one viewing, but that s one of the things that s nice when you re a member--you can watch these girls over and over again!