From Russia with pie!featuring Jenifer,  J.J.

We got one of our sexy Russian cuties letting loose with Mr. J.J. today! Her name is Prada, and just like the brand, she is exquisite! A little blonde darling with blue eyes and a tight and tasty figure. Sexual enthusiasm
oozes out of her pores, and her nicely trimmed apple pie looks like a slice of heaven! When she gets to working on a knob, there is no holding her back, but the real good stuff comes in when she drops her suspension and pushes her libido into overdrive. That's when the fun begins!Here you can see her getting into the kinkiest of positions while she takes J.J.'s swollen monster cock with a smile. It's one heck of a casting and if we had to judge by this performance, I'd say both parties involved had a ball!