Foot in the fanny [Part 2]featuring Kassey Krystal,  Jenna Lovely

Kassey Krystal and Jenna Lovely continue their exploration of each other's feet, which began here last week. First they feast on their bare toes and soles with their mouths, but then blonde Jenna makes things more interesting
when she puts a transparent red condom on Kassey's right foot. First Kassey uses her covered foot to play with Jenna's nipples, but then the blonde lays down, spreads her thighs, and takes Kassey's condomed toes inside her ASSHOLE!You'll gape with amazement as Kassey's foot roots its way around in Miss Lovely's delightful derriere. Afterward, the cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews come in close to capture the image of her moist anus after this intense invasion. Kassey turns herself around and uses her foot to fuck Jenna's butt from the doggie mode as well, before switching again and fucking her from a standing position. Jenna shows that she can take foot in her fanny no matter how it is served up. The best is when she squats down on Kassey's ped and rides it like a cowgirl.How do you satisfy a woman with mere cock in her ass after she's had a probing foot? Good question, and I don't have any answers. I'm a pornographer, not Socrates! Meanwhile, Jenna not only takes half a foot in her behind, but afterward she eagerly licks the still-condom-covered toes that just ravished her rear. What a performance...and what a gal!