The toes of Midori Tanaka!featuring Midori Tanaka,  Frank Voit

Enter a supremely kinky zone with our featured footjob set as relentless Midori Tanaka makes Frank Voit into her plaything, dominating him with gams in red latex leggings! Midori finds Frank asleep on the couch, wearing a
blindfold to keep out the light. While he's still dozing, she cuffs his wrists, takes off his shoes, socks, slacks, and shorts, then starts sucking his dick. He wakes up and she lays down on the couch to thrust her feet in his face. After Frank sucks her high heels, he concentrates on her toes. Then Midori re-asserts control as she foot-jacks his johnson. She touches her pussy in the open slit of the leggings, but she's mostly interested in that dick. The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews go in tight for enormous shots that capture every flexing of her toes on the thick rigid prick.Midori seems almost amused occasionally by how totally she's controlling Frank. Almost--because she keeps a very severe expression through most of the set. She sits him on the floor, pulls his cuffed wrists above his head, and wraps her legs around his waist to stroke off his cock with her soles. Then she lays him flat on the floor, crams her left foot in his mouth while she rubs his dick with her right arch. Then for awhile she just concentrates both feet on the dick alone, even sitting on his face with her latex-covered bottom while stretching her toes to his tool. She then puts him to work licking her pussy while she clamps her ankles around his head, and when she's fully satisfied, stands him up and handjobs his prick until he spurts out a lake of cream all over her red latex calf. She licks up some of the gooey mess, but not all of it! The final shots show her sticky legs and powerful feet in all their naked glory, ready for further worship!