Drains His Load On Her Soles!featuring Antonio Carigan,  Gabina

Sometimes when we preview a set we imagine the girl in it talking to us, interacting with us. Case in point: Gabina, as she plays around with Ruka Stone on today's set. From the moment the lovely blonde starts stripping off
her skirt and teasing Ruka with her thighs, ass, calves, and beautiful size 6 feet, we want to jump into the picture--but wait! What if Gabina wants us to stay off to the side and just watch while she enjoys this stud? Okay, we’ll sit quietly and observe as she takes his big cock into her mouth, even as she looks at us with her blue eyes. Yes, we’ll watch closely while she takes his throbbing inches between the bare heel of her foot and the inside sole of her shoe, trapping the shaft there while Ruka kisses her other foot. All right, we’ll watch obediently and politely as she hangs one of her shoes on his prick while he kisses and sucks her toes, which even have a cute toe ring...we’ll be observers, okay, Miss Gabina, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be stroking like crazy!!After she feeds her toes into his mouth, she climbs on his meat and rides his dick cowgirl style...look at her big hot ass...and the way she stretches her cheeks and shows us her raw butthole!! Now she’s having Ruka kiss her feet again, before she moves those peds down to his prick to jack him skillfully. Look at the lovely shapes of her arches as they wrap around his meat...she gets on board his dick again, and her polished toes rest on his knees and are so close to our mouths...we want to kiss her feet while she rides that cock...she shoves her wrinkled soles at us, and then she grabs Ruka’s rod between her feet and sucks it...what a hot woman! And then finally she gets him to blast his load all across her soles...what a mess...it gleams all over her feet...such pretty feet...and she sticks them in our direction, showing her gaping asshole at the same time! Oh, what a hot mess she’s made of US!!