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Mandy , Angelina S. , Neeo

Publication date: 2007, June 18


blonde czech bedroom

Hi Guys, it’s me Nikki Sun and I’ve been feeling a little down but my good friend Angelina and her boyfriend Neo stopped by to cheer me up. Just seeing the look in her eyes when she entered my bedroom I knew that she had something planned and well, if you knew Neo like I do then you would know that he’s always up to something. But what neither one of them knows is I have a plan of my own. They came over and joined me on my bed and Neo and I started kissing, as Angelina unzipped his pants pulling out his cock and began licking it from top to bottom. Angelina wrapped her lips around Neo’s cock and started bobbing away as Neo licked and sucked on my nipples, teasing them to no end. Neo went down and began licking my pussy and Angelina positioned her snatch right above my face, I began licking her pussy and teasing her clit, giving her the same pleasures that Neo was giving me. Neo slid his big hard cock in my pussy and started pounding away, I don’t know what they talked about on the way over here but he was fucking me like he had something to prove. Neo pulled his pussy slicked cock from my hole and slid it in Angelina from behind, fucking her pussy with long hard strokes as I held her ass open wide. I stayed on point ready to suck his cock the first chance I got, I have already tasted Angelina’s sweet pussy but now I want to taste them both at the same time. Neo lay down and I laid on top of him in 69 so he could have a snack to eat as Angelina and I both went to work on his cock, licking and sucking like nobody’s business. Each of us took a turn with his cock and then we both did our thing together, Angelina licking and sucking on his balls as I licked and sucked on his swollen crown. I got up and Neo moved to the center of the bed just so we would have more room and then I got my horny ass right back on top but this time shoving his cock in my pussy. Neo fucked my pussy hard and strong before pulling out and giving his girl a taste of the same and then he stood up on the bed and Angelina sucking his cock as I to