Her Achy Needsfeaturing Federica Hill

Her lecherous gynecologist told Federica Hill to take off everything, even the patient’s gown, and so today the fetching Czech lays alone on the examining table waiting for the healer to come back. She knows he’s a perv
but it turns her on... She can hear the voices and footsteps of other doctors and nurses in the hall... But what’s this? Her doctor left a vibrator in the tray with all his instruments. Hmm, it seems like he wants her to entertain herself while he’s doing other things, and so this hot babe indulges her achy needs... Into her core goes the toy, deep but still sticking out, tail-like...she imagines the doctor coming in and finding her this way...looking at her as boldly as she looks back... She is so ready to get done by his dick! Oh where is the doctor already...?? Soon...soon...ohhhhhh!!