Girl serves Guyfeaturing Leny Ewil,  Mia Manarote

It was all over for the Girl when she met the Guy. The beauty had become entranced, even hypnotized, by his gorgeous meat. Her blue eyes always ached now to be gazing at his prick as she brought it into her mouth... Whether
she leaned over him as his big dick stuck upward out of his jeans, or if she kneeled as she licked the tip and slurped saliva over his rod, the Girl was enraptured by the idea of giving everything up to simply be his cock sucking cum swallow slave... Finally when he lay her back on the couch this time so she could see his strong body straddling her, did the Girl know she was close to becoming such a sensual servant forever...and she felt with every squirt of his cream on her tongue that the needs of her body were commanding her to do nothing else but service his shaft! And oh how marvelous it was to feel his sperm glazing her chin in a facial cumshot!!