At her Prettiestfeaturing Kid Jamaica,  Melanie Memphis

Melanie Memphis from Hungary has an idea for a lazy day of reading and tanning herself, but when pool cleaner Kid Jamaica shows up, she’s more than ready to adjust her plans! It’s only a short while before she’s flirting
with him and going for the gristle located in the front of his jeans... His enormous thick length fills her elegantly manicured fingers, and then her lipsticked mouth, too, as Melanie gives this beautifully big dick the cock sucking she’s so good at... She adjusts her clothes, too, taking down her faded denim shorts to let the Kid ogle her behind with its sexy thong, even as she laps her tongue along his prick and gives him some balls licking too. A pretty girl is always prettiest with a cock in her mouth, a philosopher once said, and Melanie proves this as she earns a creamy reward all over her tongue and chin!