Tempted by her naked soles!featuring Nick Lang,  Mandy Dee

Today we have a footjob encounter between Mandy Dee and Nick Lang. This lucky stud happens upon Mandy while she's taking a nap, laying barefoot in tangled sheets. Oh-mi-gosh...how tempting her naked soles look!! He caresses
and kisses them, then rubs them against the front of his jeans. It's no surprise that he springs a huge dark boner that he slips between her peds, urging his meat to even greater hardness.Mandy awakes with a smile as he's really getting into humping her feet. She's obviously seen this kind of naughty behavior before from Horny Mister Nick! And no wonder: her size sixes are scrumptious, with high arches and perfectly polished, symmetrical toes that she skillfully wraps around his meat. She jacks his cock both facing him and laying on her stomach, and then she sticks one foot in his mouth while she rubs his dick with the other. She pumps him up and down between her soles, flexing and curling her toes, then she sits him down on the floor below her so he can kiss her thighs while she jacks his meat. This is total, wondrous surrender to feminine feet! Mandy stands over him with a grin, pressing her foot against his shaft and balls until she sees that he can't take it much longer. Laying back down on the bed, she grants him the great mercy of blasting a very thick and creamy white load all over her soles. Afterward they both drift off to sleep, while we are left to come in close and inspect the goo still glistening on Mandy's soft feet.