Intern's Secret Perk!featuring Paul Saint,  Little Caprice

Paul Saint was raised by parents who always said, “A day’s pay for a day’s work.” They scrimped and toiled and saved to send him to college, so they were upset when, after graduation, he went to work at a company as an
unpaid intern. His folks said he was nothing more than a slave if he didn’t get a salary! Paul couldn’t convince them that he was gaining valuable experience in his field. He also couldn’t reveal another perk of the situation: getting incredible blowjobs from one of his fellow interns, the plaid-skirt cutie Little Caprice! So Paul, still living at home at night, endured his parents’ criticism even as Caprice, during the day, took out his cock as soon as the boss left the office for an outside meeting. Wow, she was wonderful as she slid his shaft into her mouth and sucked on his nuts and kneeled on a chair to suck and suck! Damn if she didn't his cock seem bigger!!Oh and he loved it when she kneeled in front of him on the floor like a little dick slave just waiting for him to master her face with his meat. She stretched across the desk to blow him and flipped upside down on the chair. Anything to give him a new thrill with her blowjobs! And when he got to squirt all over her face, that was payment enough for the whole damn week!!