The Witch and Her Whiskers!featuring Keni Styles,  Kitty

When Keni Styles has a small argument with his girl on the phone, he suddenly accidentally summons a Horny witch who instantly puts her wand on his dick and gets down to suckin down his salami! What's magic about this breed
of witch is her super hairy bush! She has some dick dabbling powers locked deep inside!It's like the flying carpet of hairy pussy between her legs. Like you could grab hold of those whiskers and fly off to a land far off. The closeups Denys Defrancesco's crew captures for us really gives that pussy Kitty has there a life of it's own. It pulsates in and out with magic desire as she jerks hungrily on Keni's cock trying to get his potion out and all over her witchy lips. She slaps his meat on her tongue and closes her eyes in anticipation of his flying children. Though when keni's ready to spill over, her eyes are wide open. Her glasses will shield her from a cumshot in the eyeball and she can see him cumming, but she does take some of those swimmers straight up her nostril! Kitty, working her witchy ways.