Bathtub toe tease!featuring Tina Kay

Tina Kay tempts and teases us in a bathroom, sitting over a filled tub and wearing a “wifebeater” t-shirt and panties. She knows what we want to see, as she poses her bare feet with their red-polished toenails on the edge
of the tub. She wets her feet, then shows us her wrinkled, high-arched soles. Pressing her feet together, she wiggles her big toes, even as she parts her pussy lips and shows us her naked boobs. Running her finger over her mouth, she implies that she wants to see us worshipping her feet with our tongues!The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews get down on the floor shooting up, so we get incredible vistas of Tina hovering over us with her exposed snatch. Then the lenses reverse angles to show us her flexed toes against the tile floor. Tina takes down her panties and shows us her ass and cunny while squatting on her tiptoes. Then she gets in the tub and splashes her feet while giving us her butt in the doggie position. Leaning back again, she sticks her feet in our faces, and the soft light of the bathroom brings her scarlet toenails to vivid life in the pix and HD video! When Tina rests in the tub with her feet underwater, the sly expression on her face seems to say that she wants us to get under the surface and lick those sexy peds. We're ready to hold our breath and go for it!