Truly talented footjob artist!featuring Choky Ice,  Ivana Sugar

Ivana Sugar is making the morning tea when Choky Ice joins her in the kitchen. Soon enough she's dipping her toes into Choky's cup and then sliding her toes into his mouth and jeans. Soon she's got her nimble size sixes wrapped
around his hard dick as she sits behind him on the counter. Laying back, she walks her toes up the length of his shaft while he takes out a bottle of olive oil and pours it over her peds. Ivana is very talented with her toes, manipulating the head of his cock with one foot as she strokes his balls with the other. The DDF cameras come in really close so you'll be able to observe every moment of her footjob skills in pix and HD video.Choky settles on the floor and Ivana sits over him on the counter. He plays with her feet, kisses her heels, and intertwines his fingers with her toes. Then she reaches down and takes his meat between her soles and jacks him. She joins him on the floor a few minutes later and the footjob continues, and then Choky stands over her and fucks her feet from above. We get some fantastic shots of Ivana reaching up with her toes and soles to tug at his meat before she resumes her perch on the counter so Choky can spray his load across her insteps. The gooey mess gleams on her feet, and Ivana licks it up and sucks her right big toe clean.