Plumbers' Lucky Day!featuring Thomas Stone,  Toby,  Ivana Sugar

Some of us are old enough to remember the good old days...when plumbers knocked before entering your apartment to make repairs on the drains and pipes! But Ivana Sugar is a young lass, not acquainted with the old-timey ways,
so she just goes with the flow when Thomas Stone and Totti invade her bathroom as she stands naked in the shower. She directs them toward the problem that needs repair, but she makes no move to cover herself...and the glass shower doors offer a great view of her slender curvy bod. She certainly seems to be teasing them, standing on her tippy toes, and although she covers herself with a towel when she comes out, she kneels between the guys and takes their tools into her face. That useless towel soon comes off anyway as she takes their rigid cocks in hand and moves her mouth back and forth between the throbbing inches, showing her Ukrainian oral virtuosity as she licks at the shafts while the guys also play with her pie. The dudes lay back on the tiles so she can just travel her head over their jutting meat, until finally she lays down on the floor between them once again, fingering her snatch and then taking their loads all over her hungry tongue!