A Forest Fantasy!

Vendy , Marcel Lee

Publication date: 2013, April 4


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Thank goodness there s Hairy Twatter for porn stars that like to grow out their pussy hairs every now and then, because Vendy has come back with an amazing bush and hornier than ever! Marcel falls asleep while Vendy is showing her work on the computer and daydreams about her with a patch that s fully grown out and extends from her crotch to well beyond and around her asshole. After licking his way into the furry treasure trove, he inserts his hard cock first into her pussy, then moves to her ass, and at times even with the camera getting as close as it can get, it s hard to tell which hole he s pumping with all that hair in the way! The black-haired beauty rides Marcel reverse cowgirl and is gaped from front to back and he stuffs both holes again with Vendy on her back until he finally cums all over her mound of fur.Now that s one forest filling fantasy!