Will She Use Her Whip?

Sandra Hill

Publication date: 2012, August 8


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Sandra Hill shows us how great she looks in fetish gear when she poses in a doorway in a shiny black minidress while holding a whip. Perched on her high heels, Sandra’s butt, thighs, and gams look sensational, and she licks her lips playfully as she holds the thongs of the whip between her hands. When the hem of her frock comes up, we see that her shaved pussy is bare, no panties in the vicinity! Will she whip us for noticing that?For a moment she acts as if she’s cross, but it’s all just a game. Soon she gets down on the steps of the doorway and sticks her butt at us doggie style, not a very mistress-like pose at all! But Sandra is just fooling around, not being in the mood to punish anybody today, and soon the whip is put aside for a long black vibrator which she sucks between her rich red lips to get it ready for its journey into her pink pie. Sandra takes the dildo impressively deep both while sitting down and standing over us, and the cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews capture many terrific angles on the gal. Sliding down her dress at the end, Sandra lets us enjoy the sight of her luscious bare boobs and alluring asshole, even as she lays barefoot on the steps, finishing herself off with her vibe!