Teacher Shows No Mercyfeaturing Erika Bellucci,  Lina Napoli

Little blondie Lina Napoli thinks she can get away with anything at school because she’s one of the “cool people” in the “clique,” but as she will learn in this fetish XXX video full of lesbian bondage and spanking,
you have to know what teachers you’re tangling with before you so blatantly break the rules! Smoking is not allowed in the classrooms--by the students, that is, but done by the instructors, it’s just fine! So when teacher Erika Belulucci catches Lina lighting up, she will not stand for Lina’s arrogant defiance and subjects her to everything from smoke blown in her face, to an over-the-knee spanking, to aggressive fondling of her titties and pussy under her white cotton panties, and then to being restrained in handcuffs attached to a metal collar around Lina’s neck! You gotta see this Full HD BDSM scene to view all the punishment Lina receives, a lot of it involving her tender anus being crammed by a relentless strap-on dildo!