Maid Needs Stern Trainingfeaturing Anissa Kate,  Eva Parcker

Anissa Kate tries to be a good French maid; really, she does. She polishes and dusts and tries to make everything gleam. But Eva Parcker is a relentlessly demanding employer; or perhaps MISTRESS is the better term. And in
this fetish XXX video roleplay filled with the stern treatment of a female submissive by her dominant superior, we see Anissa subjected to punishment with the very tool of her profession, a feather duster, before Ms. Parcker moves onto the use of a disciplinary black dildo inserted into Anissa’s anus to keep her on the straight and narrow road of finer Frenchmaidswomanship! There is also some fierce cunnylicking and nipple-squeezing to further communicate Ms. Parcker’s ruthless message to her luscious lackey, not to mention lesbian bondage when Anissa is humiliatingly tied by her wrists to the front door for all passersby to see and snicker at!