His Girlfriend, The Tree

Gina Gerson , Mike Angelo

Publication date: 2013, December 24


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Festive celebrations can take many forms, as you’ll discover when you check out this extreme sex roleplay scenario between Gina and Mike Angelo. The scene seems to say to us kink lovers: why buy a holiday tree when you can turn your girlfriend into one? Use clothespins on her arms and especially on her pussy lips to attach ornaments, and when you run out of clothespins, stuff an ornament in her mouth! Have her hold candles up until her arms ache, because maybe that’ll remind her of the trying sacrifices of ancient peoples to keep the faith. Test her own qualities of perseverance by pouring hot wax onto her torso while she still tries to keep holding up the candles. Then pour wax down her butt crack, too, and squeeze her shaved pussy lips. Give her a holiday spanking while you’re at it; she must have done something naughty in the last twenty-four hours, so she no doubt deserves it. Then have her suck your cock while she has a lit candle sticking out of her butt. In case you need more ideas to get into the bizarre holiday spirit, watch the rest of this fetish XXX video and you’ll see a few more surprises which end only when Gina’s asshole is thoroughly fucked and blasts of cum decorate her face and the ornament that protrudes from her mouth.