Goo to the Rescuefeaturing Choky Ice,  Alessandra Jane

The stereotype of women not being very “mechanical” has been discredited in recent years now that females have demonstrated they can pretty much do whatever men do, along the entire spectrum of good and bad things. However,
once in awhile a young lady like Alessandra Jane falls back on the time-honored “damsel in distress” approach. See, she calls you in to fix her lamp, a task which seems beyond her feminine powers until you demonstrate that all it takes is a flick of the switch. Oh, silly girl, do you have something else on your mind? Of course, it turns out that she does--she likes you and wants to blow your big dick and needed an easy excuse to get you over here for some cock sucking! And so, a modern knight to the rescue, the vanquisher of desk lamps that intimidate fair ladies, with this POV video you savor the sight of Alessandra Jane on her knees, her cute bottom a sweet sight as she sucks hard on your tip, grasping your root and looking at you with gorgeous blue Russian eyes as she twists and turns on the couch as she pleasures your shaft, giving it plenty of balls licking too before you finally gift her tongue with the goo she’s been craving!