Seeking your Goofeaturing Melena Maria

Melena Maria from the Russian Federation is in the costume play, or “cosplay,” mode today. Look how colorful she is in her Japanese roleplay fashions! Can you imagine being greeted in this way when you came home from a
long day at work? Say, why not take your wifey shopping for a blue wig this weekend? Just a thought. ;) Meanwhile, until wifey steps up her game, you have Melena here showcasing her pink underpants below those pinafored and petticoated frills. She tempts us on the couch by spreading wide her tan and coltish legs accented by those bright pink heels and white anklets. And then she starts displaying what’s underneath it all...yummy! Love the white gloves too. Girls always look yummy in gloves! So see what Melena’s cosplay adventure is all about and give her the goo she seeks!