Feel the Attractionfeaturing Latex Lucy

“Welcome to my universe,” Latex Lucy seems to say to us in these pics and fetish XXX video. “Sit down and take out your cock. Watch me in my latex and tug on yourself. “Imagine the surface of my body under my black shiny
suit. Look at my lips sticking out and engulfing this scarlet toy. See yourself kneeling to kiss my feet in these outrageous heels. If you touch me, inhale me, you may become attracted to latex too, and become one of us... “One of the Latex People! Don’t resist it. Feel the attraction! It may seem alien at first, but you will grow quite comfy once you’re in your own latex suit as well. Imagine your face in a mask like mine, your tongue lapping at my exposed titties and quim. Imagine wrapping your teeth around the end of my vibrator and plunging it back and forth into my hole. Imagine my green eyes watching you as you do it... “Are you close to squirting now? Then you may be even closer to wanting your own latex too, and to sharing my unique language of lust!”