Animalistic Hosieryfeaturing Sabrina Moor,  Sabby

Sabrina Moor has Sabby doing some home improvement for her today, but it’s clear that he’s not doing a very good job of it. But perhaps he’s good for some other things...? She tantalizes him with her hot purple suede
pumps and leopard print crotchless tights, and it becomes clear that maybe her amazing Russian beauty has distracted him from his usual professionalism on the job...which would happen to the best of us when confronted with Miss Moor’s delicious allure and outstanding feetsies tantalizingly showcased in that animalistic hosiery! After some high heel worship, Sabrina has Sabby lapping at her peds through the stretchy tights and sniffing her shoes. Then she gets directly to work on his meat with her soles, tugging on his shaft and rubbing his balls when she’s not delightfully entrapping his rod between her pantyhosed stems. Ultimately the tights come off so that Sabrina can have Sabby licking at her bare heels and soles, and then she has free naked reign to tug on his inches from every which way until finally he erupts--as we do!!--from her expertise at footjobbery!