Lotsa Curvy Power

LiLy Madison

Publication date: 2014, September 1


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We start off this new month of big breast sex thrills with alluring British doll Lily Madison. Only five feet tall, she’s nonetheless got lotsa curvy power as she showcases her 30F cleavage in an animal print bra and matching thong. Lily presses her jugs together in the boulder-holder, but soon releases them from their confinement so they proudly hang free, their big nubs making our tongues ache to suckle! Green-eyed Lily looks at us closely as she crams her cans together, the two nipples practically kissing each other under her red-manicured fingertips. Miss Madison leans back to show off her pouty little pocket of shaved quim, then she gets comfy on the couch and gives us some on-her-knees doggie stylings. But all this naked posing has clearly gotten her crotch throbbing, so Lily lays back and works herself over with a long hot pink toy, even as we admire those two jumbo jellies which lay so wonderfully across her torso. Tugging her left knob up, Lily gives her nip the lick and suck a million of us out here in cyberland would be ready to deliver!! Oh, and she’s gotten lipstick on her nip--well, we’re ready to lap that up too! Don’t miss these big natural boobs in a Full HD video and nude pics!