Make her a Masterpiecefeaturing Abbie Cat

When times are tough, you gotta get creative with ways to make money! And so in today’s POV video you are going to pose as a nude model for painter Abbie Cat and score a few extra bucks. You were running a bit late,
but when you finally get to the studio your sexy employer wastes no time in preparing you for the creative experience, meaning, getting your pants and shirt off. Maybe she’ll paint you as Hercules or something? But artists, no matter how dedicated, are as easily distracted by big dick as babes in other trades. Soon enough Abbie puts aside her brushes and paints to kneel before your meat and give it some enthusiastic cock sucking. She slurps hard on your shaft and gives it some primo balls licking too. Whether grasping it tightly at the root or just vacuuming it in, Abbie works wonders on your rod, especially when she takes it deepthroat into her mouth!! She nibbles on the tip too and soon you can’t help but coat her upper lip with a big spunky reward. Come to think of it, you’re something of a painter yourself!! And you’ve just made a masterpiece!