Seductive Cleaner Candie Luciani Tempts Businessmen Into DP Fucking GP2700featuring Vince,  Alex Romero

Gorgeous brunette cleaner Candie Luciani has had a crush on her boss, Vince since she started cleaning his apartment. She dresses in the skimpiest clothing she can find to get his attention and this hottie greets him eagerly
as he returns home with his colleague. Vince gives directions and leaves his colleague, Alex to it and Candie does her best to get his attention, bending over on the bed in tiny denim hotpants while making it. She starts to strip and masturbates in front of him, beckoning Alex to join her. He heads into the bedroom and gives her pussy some attention before she sucks on his cock. Bending over into the doggystyle position, Candie takes a pussy pounding and Vince discovers them at it. He joins in and naughty Candie forgets about the cleaning while she slurps on both of their shafts. They move into the lounge where both businessmen fill Candie's holes, DP'ing her at the same time!