College Dream Semester

Karina Heart

Publication date: 2013, November 29


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Can you imagine having Karina Heart as your college teacher? What you lost in concentration on your studies you’d more than make up for in satisfying moments of masturbation, because no doubt after seeing this legendary Czech beauty in front of you in a classroom, your mind would be awash in daydreams of--well, exactly what our DDF cameramen show you in this great new scene of big tits porn today! Yes, you’d sit there at your desk wanting to see her 34H cleavage in her lacy scarlet boulder-holder bursting out of the front of her blouse, and then you’d think about Miss Heart taking off her top and lifting her pencil skirt to showcase her alluring thighs in gartered sheer black stockings. You’d envision her huge pale pink nipples hanging over a T-square that she d crammed under her rack, and of her titties pancaking as she lays back on the desk, or swaying as she kneels and gives you sideboob views. Yes, you might fail her class but your balls would enjoy no end of satisfying explosions all through this dream semester when you got back to the privacy of your dorm at night! Karina is our Teacher of the Year, as well as Model of the Day!