Office DP with Cheating Blonde Secretary Lola Taylor and 3 Colleagues GP2053featuring David Perry,  Vince,  Josh

It’s Friday afternoon and Lola Taylor, the busty blonde office secretary, isn’t happy that her co-worker Vince has yet again failed to submit his weekly report. On top of that, he’s showed up to the office dressed as
if he were headed to the beach. But Vince his a stud and knows how to flirt his way out of any situation, so that’s what he does. Despite the fact that Loya is married, Vince quickly seduces her as she sits in her office chair, and within seconds he’s skullfucking her. Minutes later, Vince is fucking the shit out of Loya on her desk when they’re interrupted by two of their colleagues, Josh and David. Although their surprised at first, they immediately jump on the opportunity, and soon after Loya has three cocks penetrating all of her holes. Only when her three holes are thoroughly stretched out do Vince, Josh, and David empty their balls into Lola’s mouth.