Hi Guys It's Me Simi..

Simi , Brad

Publication date: 2018, September 23


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Hi Guys It's me Simi and I'm in a very horny mood. My boyfriend hasn't been fucking me as much as I like and it's driving me completely crazy. He got pissed off at me again when I told him that I was taking off for a few days. He said that he didn't care but I knew he did when I saw him looking at my Big Tit magazine. I sat there doing my nails before I got totally dressed with my pussy eager to be fucked, I figured that if I sat there long enough with my tits popping out that he would cum around sooner than later. He reached up and tried to touch my breast but I slapped his hand away, I knew that if I donâ??t him no he would want to fuck even more. He got rid of the mag and reached around from behind grabbing both my tits, we started making out but I couldnâ??t wait and went straight for his cock. I sucked him off as nasty as I knew how, getting him all slicked up and then I laid back and he fucked my tits as I held and pushed them together. I slipped his cock back in my mouth for another suck and then he gave me a licking of my own, splitting my lips with his tongue and teasing up my clit before sliding his cock inside. He laid behind me pumping away and my tits started bouncing like crazy, I played with them the best I could but it wasnâ??t easy. I got up and into Doggy and he slid his cock back in my pussy from behind, pounding away even harder from before as I reached back and spread myself wide open. He went back and forth fucking my pussy and tits and I sucked his cock in between and he ended up giving me a really big orgasm before busting his load off all over my tits and face. I slipped his cock back in my mouth draining him of all the cum he had, hopefully killing any urge that he might have off fucking around while I'm out of town.