Busty Blonde Businesswoman Takes a BBC to Close the Deal GP2073featuring Darrel Deeps,  Marica Chanelle

Marica Chanelle a sexy business woman with huge tits is trying to close a lucrative deal with her counterpart Darrell Deeps, who will not budge on his 25 percent. Fortunately for Marica, however, shes got a secret weapon
that she only utilizes during the direst of situations. To utilize it though she must meet with Darrell in person. So, she rushes over to his house where they restart negotiations. Almost immediately, Marica deploys her secret weapon, and Darrel being the horny guy that he is falls for it immediately. Seconds later, Darrells BBC is in Maricas mouth and a tentative agreement has seemingly been met. The deal is really sealed after the two fuck on the couch and Darrell blows his load into Maricas dirty little mouth.