Neighbor Who Comes to Borrow the Sugar Gets Some from Shalina Devine & Chloe GP1748featuring Vince,  Chloe Lamour

Romanian goddess Shalina Devine recently broke up with her boyfriend and moved in with her best friend, Sexy Slovakian Chloe. On this morning, Chloe is taking a slow, sensual shower and cleansing her gargantuan jugs when,
like any healthy woman, she starts masturbating her tight, pink gash. Shalina walks in and finds her, but Chloe doesn't mind -- she invites her to join in! All the pain of Shalina's breakup is forgotten as they have a clam jam, eating and fingerfucking each other. But then there's someone at the door: new next-door neighbor Vince, who's looking for some sugar! The two revved-up ladies have a better idea, however, and take him to the kitchen for some sugar of their own. After getting into the mood with some oral action from the ladies' lovely lips simultaneously, Vince takes turns servicing their quivering quims with his love sausage. Vince rides the chicks like a cowboy in an epic sequence of missionary, doggy style, and reverse cowgirl, sending Shalina into screaming ecstasy that goes on for minutes. After he covers the girls in his juice, he's exhausted, but the girls are just getting warmed up as they start kissing each other as a prelude to more!