Friend Buys a Night with Cumely Stacked Brit Tart Scarlett Jones for Lonely Loser GP1740featuring Josh

Josh isn't a bad-looking guy, but he's too shy around girls. He spends most of his nights surfing the web, or ordering pizza and watching Netflix. His friends feel bad for him, though, as he hasn't been laid in years. Tonight
they decide to surprise him by sending British stunner Scarlett Jones to his place to take care of his needs. When he opens the door he can't believe that this sassy brunette with the gigantic snack trays is all his for the night! After slowly undressing and playing with herself in front of him, Scarlett mounts his cock and treats his one-eyed jack to a seafood shopping expedition. To Scarlett's delight, once he gets going Josh isn't half-bad in bed, and soon he's knocking back her eyelids like a pro, pumping both her pussy and her mouth before he finishes in her eager mouth. You'll want your own friends to order you a night with Scarlett after seeing this extravaganza!