Bored Wife Lulu Love Seduces Maid Kaisa Nord & Her Husband Joins In GP1716featuring David Perry

Lulu Love is sad -- she's been married to her husband, David Perry, for over a year, but all the fire has gone out of their relationship. Sex has become routine and boring, and Lulu finds her constant horniness unsatisfied.
Even staying at a 5-star hotel on vacation with him isn't helping. But when David steps out to use the wellness spa, Lulu calls for room service and gets more than she bargained for. When gorgeous Russian babe Kaisa Nord shows up and accidentally flashes her tight twat, still wrapped in her silk blue panties while bending over, Lulu's pussy immediately gets moist. She did it in college, why not now? Lulu forces the innocent Kaisa, who's never been with a girl before, to forget tea and crumpets and starts pleasuring her petite young bod instead. Before they know it they're both screaming with pleasure as they eat each other out. David comes back to the room and finds them, but he's not jealous; on the contrary, he joins in the fun, and gives both a deep dicking with his precision-guided rod and slams their assholes in a way that will leave them smoking for a while afterwards. Kaisa will be getting more than the usual tip for going the extra mile with these clients!